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Information security should be made part of the values and culture of any organization. Many organizations forget about safety, only to be jolted into action once an incident has occurred. That should not be the case. Employees must be persuaded to become good stewards of information security through behavior change. Organizations that are adept at getting everybody on board are more successful at keeping attackers at bay.

Under my researches, these are the 5 common ways businesses are targeted by the ransomware attack:

1) Email Attachments

Email is still the largest attack surface in organizations. Every organization is reliant on email for communication. There should be a concerted effort to address email attacks holistically and boost email security. Many attacks start with a simple email attachment that will execute malicious code and spread a ransomware payload across the entire organization within minutes. Most of the time, the attachment can be a JavaScript file or a ZIP file. These files are popular email attachments and make it easy for attackers to introduce malicious code and execute an organization’s attack. One effective way of preventing email-based ransomware attacks is by assessing all inbound emails and identifying the most common attachments. For most organizations, the most common attachments are Word docs and Excel files. If that is the case, all other attachments should be blocked and dealt with on a need-to-need basis. Take note that exceptions can be made to ensure that non-typical file types can be handled differently when the need arises. …


Lirax TSP

LIRAX Trusted Solution Provider — LIRAX TSP is an international project that provides Blockchain and AI technologies for certification and traceability purposes

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